Stop looking, START FINDING! connects Universities & Colleges with International Students by providing an exclusive database of International Students and a reliable search matrix for Recruiters.

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    Create a FREE PROFILE and enter your information into our search engine to instantly become more accessible by recruiters.

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    Sign-up for your FREE ACCOUNT today and begin adding your students to the useRubin database. Your interaction is required to ensure that students under your council receive maximum exposure to recruiters.

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What is

By accessing useRubin, the university recruitment process becomes proactive for both the student and the recruiter. Students who enter their application information into the search engine will have a unique online profile. The recruiter looking for an international student with unique qualifications (ex: a student interested in engineering with a GPA of at least 3.5) is then able to search a database for the perfect profile. As a recruiter using the search matrix means the student you are looking for will appear in front of you. For a student uploading a profile means they become more accessible to recruiters.

Connecting Students with Opportunities

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