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Hello my name is RUBIN and I want to help place your students in College. I know that finding a student a university is more than a job to you, it’s a passion.

I know how you feel because I to have a passion to place international students into universities. I have spoken to international parents that feared their child would not get to go to the university. I have spoken to the international student who is driven by studying to make the best grades possible in order to make the grades to be accepted into the universities. That is why I am here for your internationals.

The "Old Fashion" way of finding a school has been through mass mailing of applications. There are international students who send out 20-30 applications hoping they will be accepted by one. Their greatest fear is that they will get rejection letters. I have devised the state of the art filtering service to identify your international students. Universities are looking for specific indicators for their search for international students.

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Here is how I work; it is simple. You will help the student fill in the basic online profile. This profile will be stored in my unique filtering system so if a university just wants certain nationalities, I can handle that. They may want a student with a certain SAT, ACT, or GPA score. No problem for me. This university may specialize in a certain area like, accounting, engineering, etc. Within seconds that international recruiter will find the perfect match for their university.

Yes you may choose to live in the past, but I hold the keys to the future of international recruiting.

While your students applications are sitting on the floor in the corner with a thousand others, I will be having international recruiters searching our website for international students. As you know space is limited to internationals while your student's applications sit on a desk; my students will be available 24 hours a day from any laptop or iPad. Your student is only a click away from being looked at by universities.

I know what is going through your mind right now. "OK, what is the cost?" My service to you and your students is free. The Universities will pay for advertisements as well as a nominal fee per student they get. I am not an agent I am a service.

I do not work for the universities nor to do I work for the student. I, RUBIN, am a matchmaker for the university and the student. There is no risk for your school, or the student. The only risk you take is by not being a part of this free service. I will not just give out your students contact information to the universities. They will be contacting you directly in order to keep you in the loop. Your students will be thrilled when they find out a university is interested in them.

What a unique concept having universities hoping to find your student instead of your student hoping they can find a university. What do you say that we work to get these international students placed in the possible university of their choice?

My name is RUBIN and I am here to help.
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Questions some students have:

  • How do you ensure the safety of students through this process?

    Students cannot interact on this website without the assistance of their guidance counselor. This ensures appropriate behavior and safety.

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