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Hello my name is RUBIN and I am here to help you find international students.

Do you realize that you are about to login to the future of international student recruitment? I am here to help you target specific international students for your university. I am programmed to find the perfect student for your school. I am the ultimate match maker for international students and higher education. You will be able to research my database by simply using our state of the art filtering system.

If you want me to find you an international student from a certain country, I can do it. If you want me to find you an international high school student that has a certain GPA, ACT, or SAT score, no problem.

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Maybe your school has a certain specialty like engineering or agriculture, within seconds I will find every student on my site by field of study and deliver them to you in seconds. If you are tired of sifting through thousands of applications in hopes of finding quality international students for your program, I can help.

Do you realize that while your staff is sifting through stacks of applicants looking for potential international students, other international recruiters are already making contact with my students? While your staff sends out acceptance letters my friends will have Skype names to speak directly to the student. So don't be surprised that by the time your staff finds that perfect international student in your pile they have already been committed to another university introduced to them by me.

So sign up and search my database for free. It will cost you nothing but could save you a bundle. When you sign up today I will give you 10 reasons why my international students will be just what you are looking for. I have no gimmicks, and there are no strings attached. There is absolutely no risk in trying my service. If your market is the international student I am your marketplace.

My name is RUBIN and I promise you as an international recruiter I will become your best friend.

Questions some students have:

  • Will these students be able to speak English?

    The vast majority of students you will find on the useRubin database have been living with a host family in the United States for two years and have achieved a level of English competency. They will receive their high school diploma from a U.S. accredited private high school. They will not require any ESL classes.

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