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Students, stop looking and start finding. useRubin is your FREE international, online resource for access to American College & University recruiters.

Hello my name is RUBIN and I am here to help you find a university.

So you have sent 20 applications or more to universities hoping that you will receive that prized acceptance letter. Well I have news for you, you are not alone. Universities get thousands of international applications a year. Your application right now is probably collecting dust on some admissions deck. You have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars to send in applications hoping you get a chance to get into a University. That method has worked for millions in the past, but I am RUBIN I am the future of international student recruitment.

My state of the art filtering service will identify by country, SAT, ACT, as well as your desired field of study. So you want to be an engineer I will have engineering schools looking for you. So you want to go into medicine I will lead medical universities right to you.

How would you like to jump to the front of the line so international recruiter will see you first? I can help.

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How would you like to have universities looking for you instead of the looking for them? I can make it happen. Did you know that you will only have international recruiters from universities looking at your profile? Unlike the present application process you are just an envelope mixed in with the masses. I will help you get noticed as an international. Now being an international student has just separated you from the pack.

Yes you can still send in your applications if you want, but the wise student is the student that uses every advantage to get accepted into the college of their choice. That is where I come in. Do you realize that your application maybe sitting on a desk of some admissions director, while students who join me will be getting seen by university recruiters on my site?

The simple fact is that universities only take so many international students. You can wait on the mail or you can be seen on the web. That is your choice. Don’t be surprised if your friend gets a call from a university I connected them to, while you are left behind waiting for the “Sorry we are now full” letter.

I know that you are wondering how much it will cost you to jump to the front of the line. The answer is nothing. You do not pay me any money to become a part of my family. I am here to help you follow your dream. The only thing I ask is that you introduce me to you school counselor and your friends. This is one time that being too good to be true: is false. There is no obligation, there are no gimmicks. The only risk you take is not being a part of what I am doing.

I am RUBIN and I want to help you. Sign up today, and let the games begin.

Questions some students have:

  • Can a university recruiter make direct contact with students?

    Once the student agrees to speak to the recruiter, an interview will be conducted over Skype with both the student and their guidance counselor.

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