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If you are an international student, looking to go to your dream university, Rubin will be your agent. If you are a counselor trying to find the best university for each of your international students, Rubin can help connect you to the right people. If you are a college recruiter looking for a specific type of international student –

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Provides Exclusive Access

By accessing useRubin, the university recruitment process becomes proactive for both the student and the recruiter. Students who enter their application information into the search engine will have a unique online profile. The recruiter looking for an international student with unique qualifications (ex: a student interested in engineering with a GPA of at least 3.5) is then able to search a database for the perfect profile. As a recruiter using the search matrix means the student you are looking for will appear in front of you. For a student uploading a profile means they become more accessible to recruiters.

Saves Times and Money

No matter what side of the college search process you sit, college applications take up valuable time. useRubin cuts your time invested. For students, putting your profile on useRubin means universities will take notice of you. You never have to worry about your application being stuck at the bottom of a pile. If you are a recruiter, useRubin and the days of rummaging through piles of applications are in the past. Employing useRubin's search filters (i.e. – SAT, GPA, country of origin, interests, etc.) you can find the perfect student quickly.

Removes Worry

The college search process is full of worry – for students, counselors and recruiters. useRubin takes the worry away. Using the useRubin matrix, recruiters find the students they are looking for immediately. Don't fret counselors – you'll be involved in the process too. If the recruiter wants to talk to one of your students, he/she calls you directly. This process means you will always know when one of your students is receiving interest for a certain institution.

useRubin Puts You First

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At any given university, thousands of applications sit in piles, waiting to be discovered. For a recruiter, that means piles to shuffle through before a student begins to stand out. useRubin will get your hands on the perfect student first. For an international student, entering your information into the Rubin search engine, with the help of your counselor, means you'll be the first to get noticed by the school of your dreams.

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